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28July 2020

SEATTLE, Wash., July 28, 2020/ PRNewswire/– QuoteWizard ®, a LendingTree business, and among the nation’s leading online insurance markets released a report on kid flu vaccination rates. As numerous states are reassessing their back-to-school options, teacher unions all over the nation are pushing back as health dangers continue.

The primary argument against opening schools is the safety of trainees and faculty from contracting COVID-19. With the pandemic in the front view, what may be neglected this back-to-school season is the seasonal influenza. Referred to as what might be a double-whammy health risk, the decrease in child flu vaccination rates will increase the threat of the teachers being exposed.

Check out the complete report here, https://quotewizard.com/news/posts/child-flu-vaccinations-by-state Secret Findings:

Kaiser Household Foundation

  • approximates almost 1.5 million teachers( one in 4) are at higher threat of severe disease from COVID-19. Kid influenza vaccination rates have actually declined
  • throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by an approximated 21.5%from January to April 2020. Preparing for the “double whammy”of influenza season and COVID-19, the CDC
  • is providing$140 million to immunization programs. The national typical rate of vaccinated kids in the United States is 58%. During the coronavirus pandemic, New York City saw vaccination rates drop 63%– 91%for kids older than 2. Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut have the highest rates of vaccinated children. Wyoming, Florida and Utah have the most affordable rates. Method QuoteWizard initially compiled the American Academy of Pediatrics information on child influenza vaccination rates and ranked each state. Last rankings arebased on states that have the most affordable kid vaccination rates . The table ranks all 50 states based upon vaccination rates. States with the lowest vaccination rates are ranked closer to, 1 and the highest vaccination rates ranked

closer to 50.
State Kid Vaccination Rates Rank State Vaccination Rate 1 Wyoming 43.20%2 Florida 46.10%3 Utah 47.40%4 Idaho 48.00%5 Alaska 48.40%6 Nevada 49.50%7 Montana 50.30%8 Missouri 50.80%9 Mississippi 51.20 %10 Arizona 51.30% 11 Georgia 51.30%12 Indiana 51.70 %13 West Virginia 53.00%14 Kansas 53.20 %15

Alabama 53.80 %16 Michigan 54.00

%17 Oregon 54.00%18 Illinois


%19 Oklahoma 55.00%20 Kentucky 55.30%21

Louisiana 55.60%22

Ohio 56.20%23 South Carolina 57.20%24

California 57.30


25 Texas


26 Iowa 58.90%27 North Carolina

59.30%28 Vermont 59.50


29 Maine 59.70%30 Wisconsin 60.00%31 Hawaii 61.00%32 Washington 61.30%33 Tennessee 61.50%34 Minnesota 61.90%35 New Mexico 62.30%36 Colorado 62.40%37 North Dakota 62.40


38 Nebraska


39 Arkansas 63.60


40 South Dakota 64.40%41 New york city 64.90


42 Delaware

65.20%43 Virginia


44 Pennsylvania 65.30%45

New Hampshire 66.30


46 Maryland

67.50%47 New


69.10%48 Connecticut 71.30%49 Massachusetts 73.80%50 Rhode Island 76.20%AboutQuoteWizard QuoteWizard(


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