What ruined the young boy who would be president? – Seattle Times

19July 2020

If the Trump household had actually never ever existed, someone would have invented them.

Indeed, they ‘d have been right in the house in some over-the-top TELEVISION soap produced by Aaron Spelling. As depicted in “Excessive and Never Ever Enough,” Mary L. Trump’s lacerating brand-new picture of her uncle Donald and the loveless clan that produced him, they are nearly operatic in their villainy.

Lots of stories from the book may be enough to paint the picture. There is, for instance, the Thanksgiving meal where grandma was choking and the Trumps glanced up, then kept eating. There’s the part where they canceled medical insurance on a great-grandson who suffered from seizures and required 24-hour nursing care. There’s the time grandma justified Mary’s exemption from her grandpa’s will by telling her that her late father deserved “a lot of absolutely nothing.”

And after that there’s the day her dad passed away. Frederick “Freddy” Trump Jr. was the oldest kid, the beneficiary obvious to the Trump real estate empire till his failure to show himself a “killer” in company, his love for deep-sea fishing, his work as an airline company pilot– a “bus motorist in the sky,” sneered his old man– and his descent into alcohol and anguish caused the dad to carry on to his second kid, Donald.

Freddy’s downward spiral ended on Sept. 26, 1981, when an ambulance took him to the hospital. “The medical professionals think Freddy probably will not make it,” Donald is said to have informed Freddy’s ex-wife. She hurried to the household home to wait by the phone. Mary says Donald and his sister Elizabeth weren’t there. They had gone to the films.

Who does that? Who goes to the movies when their sibling is on his deathbed?

Advertising Mary’s book shows up as controversy swirls over reports that Russia paid a bounty for American deaths while the White Home did nothing, Ivanka Trump is under fire for posing with a can of beans and ICE is training civilians to apprehend undocumented immigrants. Simply put, a common week in the mayhem that is the Trump presidency.

Meantime, the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic Trump once guaranteed us would magically disappear is approaching 140,000. In reaction, the White House introduces an attack on Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the country’s leading infectious-disease professional and its most trustworthy pandemic spokesperson, while Trump retweets a theory that “everybody is lying” about the infection to injure him politically. It’s from Chuck Woolery, whose specialty is that he used to host “Love Connection.”

And again, seriously: Who does that?

The answer, naturally, is no mystery to anybody who’s been taking note. Still, Mary Trump carries out a service by giving that answer both the authority of a psychologist– she holds a Ph.D.– and the insight of an insider.

President Donald Trump is what you get when childhood is a zero-sum competition for the approval of “a high-functioning sociopath” whose values are expressible in dollars and cents. He is what takes place when a young boy is enabled to bluff, brag and bully his method through life, nobody ever informs him No and everybody acts as if his waste products are without smell. He is what’s left when you deduct empathy, responsibility, humbleness and the ability to laugh at yourself.

“Donald is not simply weak,” writes his niece, “his ego is a fragile thing that needs to be bolstered every minute due to the fact that he understands deep down that he is nothing of what he declares to be. He understands he has actually never ever been liked.”

That ruined young Donald Trump.

It might yet destroy us all.

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