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4May 2020

Melissa Hall’s journey to Alaska isn’t going to occur since of the coronavirus break out. But is her Allianz travel insurance policy refundable after the pandemic? She believes so.

Q: A good friend and I planned a trip to Alaska in June. We both purchased the very same travel insurance policy from Allianz. It was not the most inexpensive, however not the most expensive.

After the coronavirus break out, my buddy got an e-mail that she would be allowed to cancel her policy. She did.

I never received an email saying I could cancel. I contacted Allianz by phone. A representative asked me to send out an e-mail. I did but received no reply. I attempted two more times– nothing. The site stated there would be a reaction within 2 days, however I provided extra time due to the pandemic.

I just wish to understand why my friend had the ability to get a refund and I was not. I was even a returning customer and was the one who motivated her to use this business.

I could have managed them saying that in spite of believing we purchased the same policy, we had purchased different ones and mine was nonrefundable. But the absence of action was not just galling however made me question their action if I ever utilized them again and had to make a claim.

Advertising Needless to say, I won’t be utilizing them in the future. It’s their loss given that I plan to travel a fair bit in retirement. Can you help me get the $240 back I invested for my Allianz travel insurance policy?– Melissa Hall, Scottsburg, Indiana

A: Allianz needs to have answered you rapidly. Better yet, it needs to have connected to you after you canceled your trip and offered either a refund or to reapply your policy to a new trip. Allianz is understood for its lightning-fast reactions to customers. However during the coronavirus outbreak, every travel insurer has actually kept tourists waiting. That occurs throughout an unique pandemic.

If you purchased the same policy as your friend, shouldn’t the refund terms equal? Probably. However you may wish to take a more detailed take a look at the small print. Coverage can alter based upon your age or state of house. So it’s possible that her policy was refundable and yours wasn’t. Allianz ought to have discussed that to you when you called rather of asking you to compose an e-mail that it ignored.

I note the names, numbers and e-mail addresses of the Allianz executives on my consumer advocacy website, Elliott.org. I think a short, respectful email may have moved the procedure along. At a time like this, the most useful tool in your consumer advocacy toolbox is persistence. You had the very same policy as your good friend, so you could be fairly sure that you had a refund coming.

Sure enough, after you contacted me– and prior to I had an opportunity to ask Allianz about your policy– the company responded to you and reimbursed your $240.

If you need help with a coronavirus-related refund, please call me. You can send out information through my customer advocacy website or email me at chris@elliott.org.

Source: seattletimes.com

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