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31August 2020

As a summer job in college, I worked as an RA for a language discovering program in France. After a couple of weeks learning French at the beach, all of us flew to Paris. That early morning we needed to get up very early to capture our flight, and I ‘d been up till the wee hours the night before making sure the kids didn’t do anything too stupid. So when my manager handed me a little Sephora shopping bag with more than 20 passports and paper aircraft tickets, naturally I left it on the bench when all of us got on the bus to get to the airport. And naturally the French sanitation workers were incredibly efficient and chose it up, in addition to all the other trash, in the 5 minutes it took us to understand the bag was missing and turn the bus around. Luckily my employer called her sweetheart, who worked for the City of Paris in some capability, while I rocked backward and forward and tried not to freak out about getting fired. Within five minutes, some municipal workers appeared, picked up my manager, and went to the dump where a number of people continue to root THROUGH THE GARBAGE until they found the bag, compressed and soaked in garbage water. Air France held the aircraft for us. Airline staff declined to touch any of the angering tickets, which were a soaked mess. The business paid to change the passports of a few kids due to the fact that they still smelled like trash. And I didn’t get fired! Still got my full benefit, actually. My manager supported me and, in retrospection, my grand-bosses probably thought it was hilarious.Source: live.washingtonpost.com

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