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12June 2020

(Image: Andrew Taylor by means of Flickr)

Thanks to a CHS reader for the photo It rather actually fades in comparison to the defend equality and against cops cruelty underway a couple of blocks away. But Friday night, Capitol Hill’s Trader Joe’s closed early and a paper sign on the door says the grocery store is closed”forever”– without description. CHS has calls out tothe business workplace in Monrovia, California of the independently traded, somewhat secretive grocery chain of more than 500 stores coast to coast to discover more. Calls to location Trader Joe’s shops just yielded verification of the closure. The shop’s page on the Trader Joe’s website reveals a message that it is “briefly closed. “ UPDATE 6/14/20 12:50 PM: A group of employees has actually introduced a project to push back on the closure and are asking for community assistance to keep the shop open as they say the management is retaliating over employee participation in Friday’s Black Lives Matter protest and general strike. Here’s the declaration from On June 11, dozens of employees at Trader Joe’s Capitol Hill (Store # 130) informed store management that they would be taking part in the June 12 demonstration organized by the regional chapter of Black Lives Matter.

Store managers determined that broad participation in the protest would result in staffing problems, and decided to close the store early on June 12. Shop management ensured employees taking part in the protest that this would be considered an excused absence and would not lead to any disciplinary measures. However on the early morning of June 12, an agent from TJs business called the shop to ask about the early closure. Unsatisfied with the reasoning for the early closure, business informed store management that the shop would be closed indefinitely, reliable immediately. We, a group of Store # 130 workers who want to stay confidential, believe it’s no coincidence that the shop was suddenly closed on the day that dozens people did something about it in support of the movement for Black lives. We know that the company will attempt to avoid the appearance of being antagonistic to the motion. They will likely point out”personnel issues,””safety issues,”or running expenses as rationale for the shop closure. What they actually suggest when they point out” personnel issues “is that they saw our shop as a location for employee organizing. TJs corporate has strongly compressed worker arranging for many years and has a long record of retaliation. This is the most remarkable retaliation any TJs store has actually seen to date, however it is not a separated occurrence. Prior to the abrupt store closure, we had actually been organizing to protect a living wage, health insurance for all employees, and fundamental protections against COVID-19. “The big majority people were already living income to paycheck,” states Shop # 130 team member Peter Hair. “A lot of us were working without health insurance while risking steady direct exposure to the general public in the middle of a pandemic.”

While Trader Joe’s has publicly voiced support for “Black crew members and customers,” the company has actually not done anything to tangibly support the motion for Black lives, and they have penalized employees for supporting the motion. While the company insists that they value crew member feedback and assistance crew-led options, they have actually regularly disregarded our insights and requests. We understand what it would consider the shop to run efficiently, and we wish to remain in discussion with store management about services.

We are distressed by the shop closure. For each people, it implies both a loss of community and a loss of financial security in the middle of a financial slump. We acknowledge it’s a loss for our area too, and we hope the neighborhood will join us in demanding that Trader Joe’s resume Store # 130 and restore our jobs instantly. We’ve heard that TJs corporate will make a decision about the closure this coming Monday. We’ll be prepared with an action no matter the decision.

You can go straight to the group’s petition here. Staff member group representative Peter Strand informs CHS that they think the company will listen to its customers. Trader Joe’s does have a history of listening to consumer feedback,” he stated, “so we think that the very best angle is to have customers speak out.”

Trader Joe’s has not “come out with a full rationale” for the closure, Hair says, leaving the staff members in the challenging place of waiting– or acting upon the situation.

Strand said the actions by the moms and dad business were speedy and unexpected. “We were all surprised by the news and activated,” he said. “We know that Trader Joe’s will come out with its own variation of occasions.”

Initial report: The 1700 E Madison store has gone through some rough times with COVID-19 limitations limiting hours. It likewise closed without notice for a day or 2 previously this month however this time appears to have actually brought a longer shuttering.

While the store is not far from the demonstration area, it is far enough away that the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone must not be a factor in any decision to keep the doors closed. Other shop have closed due to COVID-19 cleansings but those aren’t usually multi-day efforts.

Nearby Central Co-op will help get some of the slack as will the Whole Foods that opened at Broadway and Madison in 2018. The 23rd and E Madson Safeway is a couple of block walk to the east and a brand-new PCC is set to open next week at 23rd and Union.

On the other hand, the E Madison TJ’s appears to be shuttered for the weekend and hours posted online through next Thursday– as far out as they’ll display– reveal the shop as closed.

UPGRADE 6/15/20 1:15 PM: Trader Joe’s has reacted with a statement on the scenario and states the “momentary” closure is for a one to two week restoration job:

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