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12August 2020

Heading into November, the political playbooks for both major celebrations are clear: Democrats will strive to connect even moderate Republican candidates to Trumpism. Republicans will accuse Democrats of building the nation in Seattle’s image. Conjuring memories of lawlessness in the occupied protest zone called CHOP, President Trump has repeatedly drawn Seattle into the national political dialogue in recent months. During what was expected to be a coronavirus briefing Tuesday, Trump once again drew a dire image of life under Democratic management.

“What you’re seeing in Portland, Seattle, New York City, Chicago is actually the Democrat roadmap for America,” he said. “If the left gains power, no city, town, no suburban area in America will be safe.”

When Kamala Harris became Joe Biden’s running mate today, U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyoming, advised Americans of the senator’s West Coast roots.”Kamala Harris is an extreme liberal who would raise taxes, eliminate weapons & & health insurance, and blow up the size and power of the federal gov’t,” Cheney tweeted. “She wishes to recreate America in the image of what’s occurring on the streets of Portland & & Seattle. We won’t give her the opportunity.”

Local political races are no different. In an interview on “The Divide,” Washington State Republican Politician Party Chair Caleb Heimlich cautioned that a third term for Gov. Jay Inslee would spread the politics of Seattle throughout the Cascades.

“I believe the voters are smart adequate to look at what’s occurring in Olympia, look at what’s occurring in Seattle, and decide that we don’t wish to move even more into one-party dominance,” he said. As the Seattle City board readied a vote to cut from the police department’s budget, state Home Minority Leader J.T. Wilcox, R-Yelm, suggested it was simply a matter of time before such efforts made their method to the capitol.

“Politicians who sign up for ideological mottos produce life and death repercussions for real individuals and what they carry out in Seattle usually concerns the State Legislature,” he composed on Twitter. “This is what the 2020 election has to do with in WA.”

The left’s 2020 strategy is just as predictable. Democrats will prompt America to decline the “hazardous populism” of President Trump, working hard to label even moderate Republicans as the president’s henchmen. In Washington state, where the president’s approval ranking is abysmal, the contrast is indicated to sour moderate voters on Republican candidates.

Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski was quick to draw Trump contrasts in an interview on the

“The Divide”following the August 4 primary.” I sort of feel unfortunate for the Washington state GOP. They’ve really become the party of Trump and it’s not surprising that they chose the very best copy cat of Trump,” she said, referencing Loren Culp, the small-town cops chief tapped to take on Inslee in November. Culp is an unabashed Trump supporter, that makes the reasoning less unexpected. However Podlodowski didn’t stop there.”Their party is now Trump’s celebration from the top of the ticket all the method down the ballot.”

Without prompting, Podlodowski brought up Minority Leader Wilcox, who is running for re-election to Legal District 2, calling him a “Trump Republican.”

Pushed to explain why she called Wilcox– thought about one of the more moderate and bipartisan Republican politicians in Olympia– a “Trump Republican Politician,” Podlodowski raised state Rep. Matt Shea, the Spokane Valley Republican politician who decided not to seek reelection after a House-commissioned report accused him of domestic terrorism. Wilcox kicked Shea out of the Republican caucus, but did not pursue a vote to censure or eliminate him from office because, in Podlodowski’s opinion, “his caucus has plenty of people like Matt Shea.”

While there’s something to be stated for motivating your base, the method of comparing Republican politicians to Trump is really just reliable if right-leaning citizens consider it disparaging. And given the option of Culp to proceed to the general election, combined with the relatively poor performance of moderate Republicans on the ballot for governor in the August main, the swimming pool of citizens delayed by Trump contrasts is growing smaller sized.

Similarly, the Republican method of striking worry into the hearts of voters stressed over Seattle-style management leaking into the suburban areas just speaks to voters who already feel that way.

Both the Democratic and Republican 2020 techniques presume there are still citizens who have not made up their minds on Trump or Seattle– significantly not likely in today’s polarized political environment.

But if marketing off worry isn’t effective, what’s left?

God forbid prospects need to begin campaigning on their own certifications. Source


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