Pros & Cons of Group Life Insurance Through Work

16January 2020

Pros & Cons of Group Life Insurance Through WorkIf your employer uses group life insurance coverage, you may be wondering if you must sign up with. But, is it a bargain? Is it sufficient protection for your family’s requirements?

There are a great deal of aspects to ponder relating to the life insurance coverage provided through your office. Here are some basic benefits and drawbacks of each.


Price: Generally, this type of life insurance coverage is free. Having a complimentary policy is never a bad thing. Even if the protection isn’t enough for your family’s requirements, there typically is an alternative to where you can buy extra protection if required, usually for a much better rate than anything you might get anywhere else.

Benefit: The reality that it’s being provided through your work makes this an easy choice to make.

Acceptance: Even if you have a pre-existing condition, chances are you’ll still be accepted under this type of program, usually at a much better rate than you would get elsewhere. Likewise, this type of policy might not require a physical examination, something else that makes approval easier.


You might not stick with your employer. Individuals alter tasks all the time. If you leave the company, are you also leaving your life insurance coverage policy? Not always, but the rate might go up significantly. You also might face problem # 2.

Having had life insurance coverage through your work, you might find out that when you start your next job, there is no life insurance coverage choice. You might find that it’s more difficult to get covered when you haven’t had a policy formerly outside of work and that your premiums are greater because of it.

What about alternatives? A work policy might have very restricted alternatives, so you might not have the ability to get the protection you want or require anyhow.

Enough protection might be a problem. Usually, policies of this nature are very restricted in their protection even when you buy their additional alternatives.

If insurance coverage is free, always take it. You might also want to supplement your insurance coverage with an additional policy that you’ve gotten on your own through another provider. While free insurance coverage might not be the option to all of your insurance coverage needs, it certainly makes a fantastic supplement to another policy that you’ve selected yourself.

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