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1September 2020

BLANDING– Billions of dollars from lost or forgotten life insurance policies in the United States are waiting to be claimed by their rightful recipients. Files frequently get lost or ignored when a loved one dies, or the firm has given that failed. But what if you’re the recipient of a life insurance coverage policy you didn’t even know about?

In September 1955, Vernetta Sonderegger purchased an entire life insurance policy from a Salt Lake City-based agent of the National Public Service Insurer. Last October, she died at age 96.

“She was very vivacious, she enjoyed to do everything,” said Sonderegger’s daughter, Relva Bowring. “She ‘d ride the motorbikes. Anything we were doing, she wished to be there to be a part of it.”

Bowring had her mother’s insurance files from 1955, however she couldn’t find the insurance company– National Civil service Insurer.

“So, I sent a letter in January to the business at the address that I had, and it came right back– there’s no such address,” stated Bowring.

She browsed the web and found no trace, and a good friend in the insurance industry didn’t have an answer for her.

“That didn’t go anywhere. We’ve just kind of struck a lot of dead ends and just kind of got dissuaded,” stated Bowring.

That’s the point when Bowring emailed the KSL Private investigators to ask if there was any way we might help her find her mommy’s missing out on policy.

Vernetta Sonderegger and her child, Relva Bowring. Sonderegger acquired a whole life insurance coverage policy from a Salt Lake City-based agent of the National Public Service Insurance Provider in 1955 and died in 2019.(Image: KSL TV )Knowing the defunct firm had actually been headquartered in Seattle, we looked up the Washington state’s

Insurance Department and found ownership had actually changed. It was now in the hands of the” American Gen Group “of Waco, Texas. A web search of that returned American-Amicable Life Insurance coverage. We pointed Bowring to that

company. She called them and bingo– they had her mom’s policy.”We just actually didn’t know where to go with this,” said Bowring.”We were just sort of hitting dead ends everywhere.”Tanji Northrup, deputy commissioner for the Utah Department of Insurance coverage, said missing policies

happen more often than one might think.”It turns up really often, and we get several calls with people trying to find life insurance coverage policies,” Northrup stated.

Many times, recipients don’t understand the insurance company’s name, where the policy was written, or perhaps the date that it was bought. Often, they don’t even know they are a recipient.

“A life insurance company could fail, or regularly, they’ll alter their names. And so, there are numerous different paths that you can go through to try and discover access to the info you’re trying to find,” Northrup explained.

There are numerous different paths that you can go through to attempt and find access to the info you’re looking for.

— Tanji Northrup, Utah Department of Insurance

Even when an insurance provider closes down entirely without its possessions being taken over by another business, payments still exist.

“The state does have the life and health guarantee association, therefore, if there is an active policy, they may have advantages offered to them through the assurance association,” she said.

Northrup likewise said if you can’t find a policy, start your search by getting in touch with the insurance coverage department of the state where it was provided.

Another tool is the Life Insurance Coverage Policy Locator Service, run by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

“All states have actually been participating,” said Northrup. “They gather basic details about the policy owner, and then they send out that information out to insurance companies. And after that insurance providers will respond and say, ‘You understand, we have that policy.'”

Vernetta Sonderegger purchased an entire life insurance coverage policy from a Salt Lake City-based agent of the National Public Service Insurance Provider in 1955 and died in 2019. (Image: KSL TELEVISION) In a lot of cases, the insurance provider itself will let you understand if you are a recipient. Lots of companies regularly examine the Social Security Administration’s Death Master Declare deceased insurance policy holders.

“They look to determine if it includes any of their guaranteed and if it does, the insurer is needed to contact the beneficiary noted on the policy,” stated Northrup.

When an insurance company can’t find beneficiaries, it will send the cash to a state’s unclaimed residential or commercial property division. So, you might go to a state’s unclaimed property website, or the website for the National Association of Unclaimed Residential Or Commercial Property Administrators, to do a search by name.

Northrup stated if you’ve got life insurance, it’s very crucial to let your enjoyed ones understand and where they can discover files so they don’t end up being a recipient of an unclaimed life insurance policy.


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