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15June 2020

When Pamela Mazerski learns that she requires surgical treatment and can’t travel to Madrid, she asks her online travel agency for an airline company ticket refund. She states the business worked out a refund on her behalf, and now refuses to pass the cash along. What gives?

Q: I recently learnt I required surgery. I had a flight from Baltimore to Madrid arranged on American Airlines, so I called my online travel bureau, AirTkt, to request for a refund.

I submitted the documentation and sent AirTkt a letter from Johns Hopkins specifying that I would be unable to fly. American Airlines refunded AirTkt based on my medical letter. But now I can’t get AirTkt to reimburse me. I have a credit card that provides travel insurance coverage, but it requires that I initially request a refund from the airlines. Can you help me get my airline ticket refund?

— Pamela Mazerski, Ellicott City, Md.

. A: I’m sorry to hear that you require surgical treatment. At a time like this, everyone ought to be understanding to your scenario. If, undoubtedly, AirTkt took an airline company ticket refund from American Airlines and didn’t send the money along, that would be unethical.

Normally, nonrefundable tickets are, as the name would recommend, totally nonrefundable. You can either buy a more expensive refundable ticket (but those can double or triple the cost of your air travel) or get a “cancel for any factor” insurance plan (two times as expensive as regular insurance, and you may just get a percentage of your refund). As a result, most people just chance, hoping they don’t get ill or that their strategies do not change.

There has to be a much better way. Either airline companies require to provide more reasonable fares that are adjustable, or they need to loosen their stringent ticket modification rules. The modification costs and fare differentials you need to pay are typically more costly than the ticket. Begin!

Marketing By the method, I wouldn’t put too much stock in your credit-card coverage. Cards usually cover specific events like lost luggage and missed connections, but you might have some difficulty filing an effective claim since of your surgical treatment. It’s still worth a try.

I note the executive contacts for American Airlines on my consumer advocacy website, You might have sought some clarification about the status of your refund, and who had it.

It turns out nobody had it, due to the fact that there was no refund. I talked to the airline, and it stated it had rejected your airline-ticket refund. Having surgery — or at least your kind of surgical treatment — isn’t a sufficient reason for a ticket refund, according to American Airlines. Generally, airline companies reimburse nonrefundable tickets for severe, dangerous medical issues or when a guest passes away. And they make few exceptions.

Thankfully, after I brought this case to the airline’s attention, it decided to make an exception for you. You’ve gotten a full refund of the $585 you had to pay for your ticket to Madrid. I wish you a fast healing.


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