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1November 2018

Life insurance coverage offers a financial safety net for households. Sounds basic, however decisions over whether and how much to purchase can get complicated, and errors can be costly.

Here are common errors financial coordinators see:


Not everyone requires life insurance.

Most Read Organization Stories “If there’s no one else depending on your earnings, you probably don’t need much or any at all,” states Alyssa Lum, licensed monetary coordinator and founder of Luminate Financial Planning in Sterling, Virginia.

However those with kids will need a lot. For breadwinners, a rule of thumb is at least seven times your annual salary, plus money to pay off debt and fund college. “Those dollars truly add up,” Lum says.

Stay-at-home parents don’t require as much, but must have some protection, says Greg Klingler, a licensed monetary planner and director of wealth management for the Government Employees’ Advantages Association. Buy enough to cover child care and other services that the stay-at-home moms and dad provides.


There 2 main types of life insurance: term and long-term.

— Term life insurance coverage is easy, low-cost and uses coverage for a specific duration, such as 10, 20 or thirty years. It pays if the policyholder dies during that term.

— Long-term life insurance, such as entire life, lasts your whole life and consists of a cost savings part called cash value, which grows slowly over several years. You can obtain against the cash worth or give up the policy for the money. It’s more complex and pricey than term life. It likewise nets the greatest commission for insurance agents.

Term life is the very best choice for many households, Klingler states, because “many people are going to have a finite requirement.” Term life can cover you while the kids are maturing or you’re paying off debt, such as a mortgage. Ideally, at the end of the term, you don’t need life insurance coverage any longer.

Yet some individuals get talked into permanent policies when they all they need is term life, states Jason Speciner, a licensed financial coordinator in Fort Collins, Colorado. Structure money value inside a policy can sound attractive, but costs and the agent’s commission eat away at returns. Instead of pouring cash into an irreversible policy, max out cost savings in tax-advantaged pension. If there’s cash left over for long-term investing, a low-priced index fund will probably produce much better returns than life insurance coverage, he states.

“For the most part the old saying, ‘purchase term and invest the difference,’ makes good sense,” Speciner says.

Permanent life insurance can be an essential estate planning tool for those who have a long-lasting monetary dependent, such as a child with special requirements, or whose estate is huge enough to incur taxes for successors. (Just estates over $11.18 million for a private and $22.36 million for a couple go through federal estate taxes in 2018.)


It’s easier to postpone buying life insurance than think of how your death would affect others. “However that’s a quite dangerous gamble, especially if you have little kids,” states Michael Kelley, a qualified financial planner in Cleveland, Ohio.

Concerned about the expense? It might be cheaper than you think. The majority of customers overstate the price of term life insurance coverage by more than three times, according to a 2018 study by industry groups Life Occurs and LIMRA. The research study was based on a study of about 2,000 adults who are family monetary decision-makers. The actual expense of a 20-year, $250,000 term life policy for a healthy, 30-year-old nonsmoker is about $160 a year, the research study says.

Compare quotes from at least a few business to find the best rates.


Life insurance benefits through work most likely aren’t enough for those who have a family depending upon their earnings, Speciner states.

That protection is generally one to two times your annual salary– insufficient to sustain a household after the loss of an income producer. Another drawback: The protection typically ends when a worker leaves the business.

Buy your own policy if you need life insurance coverage, and consider the totally free take advantage of work a benefit.

This article was offered to The Associated Press by the individual financing site NerdWallet. Barbara Marquand is a writer at NerdWallet. Email: Twitter: @barbaramarquand.


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