Canadians can still travel to the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic– simply not by vehicle –

12June 2020

After Karel Bennett was turned away at the U.S. land border in between B.C. and Washington state last month, she didn’t give up hope of going into the U.S. to see her newborn grandson.

The Canada-U.S. land border is closed to non-essential travel to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Nevertheless, Bennett had actually heard rumours she may still have the ability to fly to the U.S.

. She said she was very first tipped off by U.S. border officers at the crossing where she was rejected entry.

“They said, ‘Have you thought of flying?’ And I stated, ‘Well, no,’ and they said, ‘You may want to look at that.'”

Bennett was desperate to visit her child, who lives just outdoors Seattle, due to the fact that her daughter’s one-month-old child was sick with a respiratory issue. So, Bennett gambled and booked a flight from Vancouver to Seattle on May 22. This time, she had no problems making it through U.S. customs and getting in the nation.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” said Bennett, who resides in Sooke, B.C. “I was so delighted.”

The Canada-U.S. land border is closed to non-essential travel to assist stop the spread

of COVID-19.( The Canadian Press) Lots of Canadians are unaware that, despite the fact that they’re presently disallowed from driving to the U.S. for leisure travel, they can still fly to the country. U.S. Customs and Border Security(CBP )told CBC News that its travel constraints apply only to Canadians trying to enter the U.S. at land border crossings, which includes travel by cars and truck, train, ferryboat and pleasure boats. Nevertheless, Canadian air passengers can still enter the nation as long as they have not checked out Brazil, China, Iran, Ireland, the U.K. or 26 European nations in the Schengen Location 2 week prior. Canadian tourists likewise likely won’t need to self-isolate for2 week upon arrival.

The U.S. Centers for Illness Control and Avoidance recommends that global visitors do so, however it’s not a requirement unless specified by a particular area or state. For instance, Hawaii needs that air passengers self-isolate for 14 days. When Canadians return house, they must self-isolate for 2 week– as per federal rules. Flying guideline not well-known The U.S. air travel guideline isn’t commonly understood on either side of the border. U.S. immigration legal representative Len Saunders

stated he only became aware of the

information when one of his Canadian customers called him in mid-May– from Las Vegas. The customer reported that he had handled to fly from Vancouver to visit his fiancée, who lives in Las Vegas.”I was shocked,”stated Saunders, whose office sits near the Canadian border in Blaine, Wash.”Rationally, when you take a look at it, if the border’s closed, it should not be any various whether you drive or

fly.” Len Saunders, an immigration legal representative in Blaine, Wash., stated he was shocked when he first found out that Canadians can still fly to the U.S.(Gabriel Osorio/CBC)Saunders right away spread the word about flying to the U.S. to his Canadian clients who have liked ones in the nation. He stated dozens of them have

considering that flown there and experienced no issues or self-isolation requirements.”It’s provided the chance to reunite with relative, so it’s definitely a welcome

loophole to numerous Canadians.”Saunders recommends people to reserve their flights online. His clients who have actually shopped an aircraft ticket to the U.S. by phone have typically been declined by airline company agents unaware that it’s permitted, he stated.”Don’t talk with an agent

, and you’ll have no problem.”Some U.S. airlines currently offer paths between Canada and the U.S., and Air Canada resumed service to the U.S. on May 22.

ENJOY|Questions about who new policy is developed to help

: Canada is now permitting some family members separated by short-lived COVID-19 travel restrictions to cross the border from the U.S. 3:22 The permission to fly isn’t mutual: Canada forbids U.S. visitors from getting in the nation by means of all modes of transport– including by plane. However, this week, the Canadian federal government loosened its travel limitations to allow U.S. citizens with immediate household in Canada

to enter the nation. Last month, Canada and the U.S. consented to keep their shared land border closed to non-essential traffic up until June 21, and, according to sources with direct understanding of the situation, that date will be extended. However Canadians will still be able to fly to the U.S., unless the nation revises its rules. Why let Canadians fly to the U.S.? Bennett invested 10 days in the U.S. and is grateful she had the opportunity to reunite with her daughter

and help look after her new grandson, who has actually considering that recovered from his disease.”There’s actually no words to express it. I’m very glad,”she stated about her check out. But Bennett stated she’s confused about why she was permitted to fly to the U.S. when the Canada-U.S. landborder is closed. “It’s really bizarre,”she said.” Why would they do that?” CBP didn’t provide CBC News with a description. Rather, it sent out a link to a Department of Homeland Security file that states that “non-essential travel in between the United States and Canada presents extra danger of transmission and spread of COVID– 19.” Nevertheless, the document doesn’t state

why its travel constraints for Canadians only use to land border crossings.

Saunders said he’s baffled why the U.S. is still allowing Canadians to fly to the nation for non-essential travel.

“It makes no sense, however numerous Canadians enjoy to capitalize

of this loophole.”A word of caution The Canadian federal government currently recommends its citizens to prevent taking a trip abroad since of the COVID-19 pandemic. However it won’t prevent them from going to the U.S. or other countries and will permit travellers to go back to Canada– as long as they self-isolate for

2 week. Nevertheless, because of the federal government’s travel advisory, Canadians will likely face trouble getting travel insurance that provides medical protection if they fall ill with COVID-19 while abroad. Total U.S. coronavirus cases exceeded 2 million on Wednesday. Canada’s cases stood at simply over 99,000. Source:

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