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7July 2020

10th Legal District, Position 2 Questionnaires—————— DAVE PAUL(incumbent)

Party preference: Democrat Age

: 52 House: Oak Harbor Profession: Skagit Valley College Administrator and

Professor Education: BA, Seattle University; MA, Miami University (Ohio); doctorate, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)

Chosen offices held: First-term state agent. Vice-Chair, Home Education Committee. Serves on the College and Labor Force Development Committee and Transport Committee.

Chosen workplaces sought: State Agent, 10th LD, Position 2

Neighborhood participation: Supporting job production and business retention through the Island County Economic Development Council; President, Oak Harbor Educational Foundation; Member of Rotary; formerly served on Oak Harbor School District Spending Plan Committee, Sustainable Whidbey Union, and Newark (Ohio) School Board.

Campaign website: www.votedavepaul.com

Why are you running for office?

I am running for State Representative since I love my community, and I know the problems the community appreciates. And I know how to bring individuals together and discover common ground and establish options. Our neighborhood should have a leader who thinks that investments in education, public health, and the environment are essential and worth fighting for.

What is the single biggest issue facing the candidate who is elected to this position?

The biggest problem facing Washington State is combating COVID-19 and resolving the pandemic’s impact on our households and the economy.

How will you resolve it?

I will continue my deal with health authorities, community leaders, and regional chosen authorities to execute common-sense public health steps that help keep our households, schools, and communities safe. We require to make sure that efforts to restore the economy are concentrated on our Main Streets and not Wall Street. Lastly, we require to make sure that the most vulnerable members of our community are safeguarded from severe budget cuts.

Why should voters choose you?

Citizens can trust that I will listen to their issues and supporter on their behalf in the state legislature. Most of the legislation that I’ve sponsored (consisting of chances to expand educational advantages for Veterans and enhance pathways for students to get college credits in high school) are based on concepts from constituents.

I have actually promoted the infrastructure financial investments our neighborhood needs in health care, schools and libraries, public safety, transportation, and the environment.

Finally, I understand the importance of K-12 public education and work closely with schools throughout the 10th District to guarantee our trainees are gotten ready for the jobs of tomorrow. Basically, the engine of our economy starts with outstanding K-12, trade school, apprenticeship, community college, and university programs that create living-wage jobs.

What sets you apart from your opponents?

Now, more than ever, we need leaders who focus on public health and health care that secures our families and neighborhood. After listening to physicians and retirement home professionals, I battled to increase Medicaid rates to assist rural healthcare providers and retirement home in our District. I worked across the aisle to help lower the expense of prescription drugs for our senior citizens and households, reduce the expense of insulin, fund our state’s COVID-19 reaction, and focus on vital mental health and substance healing services across our area.

This is a moderate district that expects its leaders to work throughout party lines. Voters can trust that I listen to all constituents and work hard to discover bipartisan services whenever possible. The legislation I have actually sponsored demonstrates that I have the ability to deal with Democrats and Republicans alike to safeguard veterans, assistance education, and improve our transportation policies.


Party preference: Republican Age: 55 Home: La


Occupation: Home Supervisor

Education: 1985: University of Washington, Seattle, WA (Business). 1983-85: Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA (Liberal Arts, Organisation). 1983: Graduate of Newport High School, Bellevue, WA (Honor Student). Licenses: WA State Life Insurance/Series 6, Mykut Realty School, Bellevue, WA.

Elected offices held: 2016-2017 La Conner Town Council Member (Mayor Pro Tem, Parks Commission Member, Park & & Port Committee, and the Utilities Committee). 2017-18 Republican PCO La Conner # 801. 2017- Present Skagit County Republican Politician Celebration Chairman.

Elected offices sought: Legislative District 10 State Legislature (Pos 2).

Community involvement: 2016: Washington State Republican Politician National Convention Delegate. 2014, 15: La Conner Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (Member and Chairman) 2003, 04: Tribal Canoe Journey, Support & & Individual. Tulalip, WA/ Chemainus, BC. 1985-87 Facilitator for Lou Tice “Investment In Quality Programs”, Seattle, WA.

Project site: BillBruchforHouse.com https://billbruchforhouse.com/

Why am I running for office?

Decades of one-party rule in Olympia has left numerous in our state without a voice in government. With 57 Democrats to 41 Republicans in the state legislature, our region is heavily affected by Seattle political leaders who do not comprehend the needs and priorities of the regional citizenry. I wish to bring more balance, openness and responsiveness to our state government so we can carry out policies to better represent all our constituents of legal district 10.

What is the single biggest concern dealing with the candidate who is elected to this position?

The Covid-19 crisis and the implications of the approximated $8 – $10 billion loss in tax revenue, combined with tax boosts on services that the Democrat bulk legislature has enforced over the last 2 sessions will have awful long lasting effects on our service neighborhood and our regional economy.

How will you address it?

I will elect tax breaks, tax rewards and tax decreases for people and organisations and will work for a more efficient government to make certain tax dollars are not lost.

Why should citizens choose you?

I assure to work hard on the concerns that impact our area. And I stand for lower taxes and less federal government requireds and regulations that trigger difficulty for farms, organisations and families. I will consistently choose more transparency and to reduce taxes and reduce regulations.

What sets you apart from your opponents?

For two years my challenger strongly advocated and elected the Sex-ed law start in Kindergarten. I am adamantly opposed to this law and will be voting to overturn it. Also my challenger voted for billions in brand-new taxes injuring working households and businesses. I will battle against these taxes and other overbearing government -mandates and policies that hurt everybody.



Celebration choice: Progressive

Age: 33

House: Conway

Occupation: Medical Trials Professional

Education: B.A. Company Marketing and B.S. Molecular and Cellular Biology

Chosen workplaces held: N/A

Chosen offices sought: N/A

Community participation: N/A

Campaign website: FB: Vote TayZimm; VoteTTZ@gmail.com!.?.! Why are you running for office

? I am tired of basing on the sidelines, not able to make any type of true distinction, while we are losing the video game. And by we, I indicate the bottom 95%. The past four years have definitely put me over the top. It is frustrating to see the squabbling, the divisiveness, the inaction, the pettiness, the self-righteousness and in general, how out of touch a number of our political leaders are in government. I have confidence in my capabilities and think I really can make a favorable difference in peoples resides in this position. If it sounds like I have a bitter tone, it is because my aggravation toward our political system is real. And I wish to shake it up. What is the single biggest problem dealing with the prospect

who is elected to this position? Besides ideological divisiveness and battling with political

suits who are at the grace of special interests … I do believe that a problem not being talked about enough is overpopulation of this district. This is not something we can simply pretend will not exist in the coming years. This will have dire results on our neighborhoods, farmland, waterways, wildlife, air quality and lifestyle. This is among many issues, however this is something I wish to attend to so that we may be proactive to it. How will you resolve it? Initially, we require to realize how unique our farmland and waterways and mountains are in this area

, and ensure those are secured. Another big

concern is the loss of our salmon run population, and overpopulation is only going to injure that further. I have seen what urban spread does, and it is not quite. I think we can all agree we would rather not see this area develop into a Seattle suburban area. We will need to be imaginative towards options, and I truly don’t have all the responses– this would be an open partnership and synergy from everybody to discover a pragmatic technique with sensible options. Steps may include executing our own variation of a’Green New Deal ‘which will consist of more initiatives to minimize our carbon footprint in this location while constructing our facilities to better accommodate a growing population. This would consist of broadened cycling lanes, more public transportation, more environmentally friendly energy and chemical efforts, motivating to work remotely, building up rather than out and further limiting development near waterways. I do know, however, that the primary step to establishing a plan and option is to recognize the problem, and we must not wait to be reactive in acknowledging this. Why should citizens choose you? I am not a match. I have actually not been jaded by administration or corrupted by unique interests. I connect to the poor and middle class, as that is all I have ever understood. I am connected with

this land, frequently checking out the outdoors. Being from the Skagit Valley, I have a long history with the challenges and problems this beautiful area has continually faced. It is a personal connection, not a political or organisation one. We require better representation to handle these challenges from somebody who innately comprehends them, and is not ignorant or out of touch to them. It is time for vibrant action, urgent action and proactive action. What sets you apart from your challengers? I lean the most left of my challengers, however we need to take bigger actions in our government to collaborate and collaborate, no matter the ideology, in order to get things done. I think I am the most unbiased to bridging a non-partisan point of view in addition to bold and imaginative services. For instance,

rather of simply attempting to lower currently over-inflated college tuition and offering more work programs for trainees, I wish to propose an expense free of charge college education in this state, a minimum of through AA degree. This will allow students to concentrate on their education, and not on how they will consume that night while in school. It is an investment in our future. I prepare to spend for this by carrying out a 2% wealth tax on all families making 8 figures or more in this state. This will help bridge an already gross wealth disparity gap, and take some from the 1% to much better assistance the 99 %. Believe me, those each year worth 8 figures or more will still be doing alright …

So it is strong and practical approaches like this, benefiting most of the population that in fact require it, that sets me apart. I do not want to just be a suit with a title taking’infant step’legislation steps that do not actually lead to genuine modification. I feel I am finest fit to handle special interests, help end the political injustices to society, and am the most in touch with the real people and concerns in this district. Source: goskagit.com

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